The Great Lakes 29th July - 12th August

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The Great Lakes 


We have teamed up with ProTek Adventures to bring you this epic trip to The Great Lakes. Using the highly regarded Great Lakes Diving Centre and some suburb accommodation for us all to enjoy the non diving time as much as the dives this is set to be a special trip. 

For one of the greatest scuba diving adventures in the United States, look inland to the largest group of freshwater lakes on the planet, the Great Lakes. Hundreds of well-preserved shipwrecks entice scuba divers to suit up and explore these waters. Join ProTek Adventures to explore everything from 19th-century wooden schooners and modern steel freighters to tugboats and barges are frozen in time in the green-hued waters.

Lakes Huron, Superior, Michigan, Erie and Ontario stretch across much of the USA’s northern border from the Midwest to the Northeast. But that doesn’t mean you need to travel far and wide to experience what lies beneath the Great Lakes’ surfaces. Outfitters along the shores of Michigan rent scuba gear, offer tours and help certify new divers.

Staying in either a hotel or a luxury house we have transport to the dive centre each day to make one or two dives per day depending on depth. We have the option of splitting the dive sites and going off to different wrecks depending on the group ability via two boats. 

*This is Suitable for Advanced nitrox and decompression diver or MOD1 diver onwards. However there are alot of wrecks in the 40m - 70m range and Trimix is advised. So come join us and visit some epic wreck in great condition.

Dates 15th - 29th July 2025

Price £2950 - Deposit is £500 to secure your space.


Return London Flights 

46kg Luggage allowance 


10 Days diving 

Cylinder package (twinset/sidemnount/ccr inboard and 2 ali 80s)





Food and Drink 

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