Blue Fin Dive Club

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Blue Fin Dive Club

Blue Fin have created everything you've wanted in a dive club! We create opportunities to dive as often as you like whether at the lake, on trips or on holidays. We encourage progression of your dive training with our experienced and supportive instructors - and offer discount on courses to help you do so! On top of this we have regular socials and events with a great group of people we have had the pleasure to meet and dive with over the years! We think a dive club should be about diving and try to offer as much as possible so let us know if there is a dive goal you want to reach and we endeavour to help you get there! Join Blue Fin Diving Club now to mix with a great group of like minded divers and take advantage of all the benefits being a club member has to offer!

Diving & Socials

  • Access to fun and guided dives in UK lakes
  • Regular attraction dives like UK wrecks and sea dives
  • Priority booking on our regularly scheduled UK dive trips
  • Priority booking on short-haul diving holidays
  • Priority booking on our once in a lifetime dive destinations
  • Fins'n'Wings club nights!


  • 10% off equipment sales
  • 10% off speciality courses
  • 5% off core courses
  • 5 free air fills a year
  • 1 free pool session per month
  • Half price kit hire (usually £50)

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