EFR - Emergency first response & first aid

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 EFR - Emergency first response & first aid

The Emergency First Response (EFR) Certification Course is essential for any diver and helps lay the foundation for the PADI Rescue Diver Course. The Emergency First Response Courses we run are flexible; designed to accommodate your training and scheduling needs. We teach the courses separately or combined – the choice is yours.

The course covers diver first aid and emergency responses for children and adults, and automated external defibrillators. Students learn and practice the same patient care techniques and principles that are used by medical professionals.

During this course you will learn the same expert patient care techniques that are used by medical professionals, but at a lay person level. Our EFR course covers Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Emergency First Response Secondary Care (first aid).

Learning First Response Primary Care (CPR): During the course, you will learn the basic steps of a First Responder. These include the following skills:

  • Risk evaluation
  • Assessment of injury
  • Rescue breathing and CPR
  • Managing bleeding successfully
  • Responding safely to choking victims
  • Managing a victim in shock
  • Successfully bandaging and applying splints.

This course is a combination of knowledge and skill development, giving you the confidence and ability, you need to provide care effectively in emergency situations. The lessons learned as part of the First Response Primary Care course can be used regardless of the accident being diving related or not.

Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid): the lessons learned in secondary care cover injuries or illnesses that are not immediately life threatening. You will focus on developing your first aid skills through practising realistic scenarios. This course involves learning the following skills:

  • Injury assessment
  • Illness assessment
  • Bandaging
  • Applying splints for dislocations or fractures.

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