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Garmin Tank POD

The Garmin Descent T1 Transmitter and the Garmin Mk2i are meant for each other, and they both offer air integration taken to a whole new level.

Why do I need air integration in the first place? The new Garmin Descent Mk2i together with T1 enables you to monitor not only tank pressure. It will calculate your respiratory minute volume giving you on-the-go remaining air time and air consumption rate for multiple types of diving. The air integration will allow you to control your air supply much better and execute your dive more safely.

Unlike most of the air integrated dive computers which use radio frequency, the new Garmin Mk2i and the Garmin T1 Transmitter communicate via the new revolutionary sonar-based technology. Selected radio frequencies will work in the water but only in a minimal range.

The new Garmin SubWave sonar technology supports a transmission range up to an impressive 10 metres. This range and reliability are much better than any other advanced dive computer ever before. Furthermore, the new Garmin Mk2i can connect with up to five Garmin T1 transmitters, which opens a range of possible applications. For recreational, technical and side-mount diving, you may now be able to connect and read tanks pressures within your buddy team, dive school students, as well as your multiple stages or deco tanks.

The Garmin Descent T1 Transmitter pairing could not have been more effortless - go to a dive set-up menu, click on the transmitter option, your Garmin Descent Mk2i finds it straight away. You can even label and customise different transmitters to your heart's content, so you know who is breathing what. The Garmin Mk2i with the new Garmin T1 transmitter integrate with a dedicated Garmin App so you can now feed your dives data directly to your mobile or PC devices.

Please note: this product does not include a high-pressure swivel pin. A high-pressure swivel pin is required to connect a high-pressure wireless transmitter or a gauge to a suitable high-pressure hose. The purpose is twofold. One is to create a correct seal between the hose and the transmitter. Secondly, it allows for the transmitter or pressure gauge to rotate. Purchase a high-pressure swivel pin here.


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