Can you try scuba diving without committing to an Open Water course?


So you’ve been lured in by the thrilling adventure of underwater exploration that is scuba diving... maybe it’s been on your bucket list or just something you’ve been meaning to try for a while but are unsure if it’s for you.


A lot of people may feel this way for many reasons, not a lover of water, have problems with ears, think breathing underwater would be weird, scared of the ocean, and it’s a commitment financially too. The list goes on! You’ll find many scuba divers that had these reservations before and found they love diving now!


Open Water diver can be a commitment to jump into but don’t worry there is a way to try out diving to see if you like it before jumping on a course and that is with a PADI DSD. DSD stands for Discover Scuba Diving which is really what it says on the tin. A chance to experience using the equipment, breathe underwater and participate in some of the skills you would find in the open water course.


These usually last for around 60-90 minutes and most commonly will take place in a swimming pool (unless your abroad and the conditions are much like confined water). You can swim around with a buddy getting to grips with being in the water, and experience what it is like to be neutrally buoyant! You will be under the supervision of a diving professional the whole time; they will ensure you have a fantastic time. You can ask them about the equipment, about dives they’ve done, places to go, or any questions you have. There’s nothing more divers love than to talk about diving! Well, except actually diving!


Most people find they absolutely love the feeling of being underwater and can’t wait to get the qualification that will allow them to discover oceans, lakes, and quarries all over world! PADI Open Water is the next step to allow you the freedom of being able to rent kit from dive centres all over the world and start exploring.


Wondering where you can go? Have a look at these popular diving locations:


Thailand - Multiple options across 100s of islands its the perfect place to build up your confidence and see some epic coral and fish life and even NEMO.

Malta - Easy diving at every level, lots to see and only 3 hours from the uk.

Galapagos - Want to see the BIG stuff underwater? Look no further.

Chuuk Lagoon - The BUCKET LIST dive of a life time. WW2 wrecks in crystal clear warm water.

UK - With epic wildlife and beautiful coastlines the uk is an amazing place to dive.


Malta - We regularly run trips to malta, using Maltaqua as our Diving Hub we are well looked after. From Gas to Accommodation and even that good old English cup of Tea.


Malta Dive Sites    Malta Wreck p29   Malta Diving

UK - Diving the South Coast and Cornwall are among highlights of the UK, with wrecks to keep you satisfied out of Portland/Weymouth/Plymouth to the Seals at Lundy Island 

           Lundy Seal Diving                  Lundy Seal Diving



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